Amazing Day

26 06 2009

Today was beyond words. A friend and her husband took me with them to Colonial Williamsburg. We were interested in viewing some special collections of dolls and textiles.  In the textile collection, we viewed handwoven bed sheets that were hundreds of years old. We viewed coverlets that were dated 1740’s and other beautiful….amazing textiles.  Most were handwoven, and others were very old jacquard damask pieces.  Just examining these pieces was an emotional experience for me. I wanted to stay in the collection all day.  The curator, Linda Baumgarten is knowledgable, engaging, intuitive, and accomodating.  Please click on  her name, as it is a link to more information about Linda.  This was a day that made me want MORE!

Colonial Williams burg has so much to offer weavers and sewing enthusiasts.

I got home in time for my 4:00 sewing lesson.  My student finished a dress she had been working on for a few weeks.  It is for her grandchild.  We did button holes, buttons with the sewing machine, and sewing on seam binding tape.  She is one of my students who enjoys herself soooo much, that I LOVE teaching.

Video teaching as a back-up for students

23 06 2009

Today, we began shooting an instructional video on how to dress a loom, and weave.

It will be accessible to my students through the website by password.  This will provide an at-home back-up so students can work parallel projects and still have access to how we do it in the studio.  Stay tuned;0)


20 06 2009

I finished the towels I had put the colorful warp on for.  The 6 yards made 4 towels, and fabric for the bag.

I’m experimenting with bag patterns. The tabs were woven before the fabric was removed from the loom.

What do you think?


17 06 2009

Much ado about weaving

10 06 2009

When I don’t post for a while, or don’t post pictures for a while, It’s not because I’m ‘lolligagging’ around, doing nothing and have nothing to say.  Generally, It’s because life is full and the studio fuller.  This week is the weaving intensive. Although I held the class for just 2 people (the min. I will offer it for), it’s perfect! Each person has warped and woven a small project each of Monday and Tues. Today, having been through the process twice, and having  learned to read a draft as well, they planned their own project, using any weave in Marguerite Davison’s book.  And they have done quite well.  Each student understood the draft, determined the dimensions of her own piece, chose yarn, did the math to determine how many ends in the warp, and measured her own warp.  The warps are 144, and 270. Not to shabby! I’m proud of Betsy and Isabella.

In addtion to the weaving intensive going so well, the Tues. morning class really flew through their morning work, and one student wound on her warp, spread it in the raddle, and threaded her heddles. This was a 160+ end warp, and only her 2nd piece of weaving. Great job Marette!  Another student is hurrying along with some summer and winter that will be made into items to sell.  Excellent.

The Wed. night class is also on a roll. Although we were short two students this week, everyone was weaving very productively.  Jane has this wonderful modified/reversing twill going, and we had to backtrack just enough to add floating selvedges, but it’s beautiful. I have pics somewhere, and I will add them later.  Jody is weaving another rag rug. This one is out of terry cloth. Charlene finished her doubleweave and will be absent from the studio for a while.

This means we have a studio opening for one student on Wed. night.

I got my warp measured for 3 , 45″ tapestry pieces, and worked on the 38″ tapestry of “Blossoms and Bugs”.  Here are some of the pics. Otherwise, I’m actually to ‘bushed’ to lable anything. I’m sorry.

Please join us some time. It’s such a blast, and a very loving, warm, busy studio.


Changes in ‘times’ for the Dye workshop on 6/20

9 06 2009

Please note that the times for each session have changed for the dye workshop on 6/20.

Weaving Intensive

8 06 2009

Wow, I wore them out today! Each student completely wove a scarf today. Granted, we used cheap acrylic yarn, and the scarves were only 50 thread warps, but each student got a complete overview of how to dress the loom.

We worked from 9 am – 6 pm, at which time they both said…..I’m pooped and need to call it a day.  Woohoo. I’m home early, and have two happy campers:0)

Tomorrow, we will dress the looms again, and hopefully, the students will each weave off a twill sampler.  Wed. we will dress the looms again, but for a larger project.  The idea is to dress the loom at least 3 times in a week.  For one of these students, I would like her to do it each day.  We will have to see if that’s her goal.

It was a wonderful day. See you tomorrow.

Betsy’s loom

7 06 2009

Betsy’s 4 harness Leclerc Artisat arrived 10 days ago.  She had several things to tend to before she was ready to have me come and assemble it with her.  We did that on Saturday, and the loom is perfect.  In addition to the loom, she got an electric bobbin winder.  La-ti-da.

Tomorrow morning, we begin the weaving intensive. I’ll keep you posted. I’m excited. My felting classes for kids at VCU are a ‘go’ in July. We are still waiting to see if enough students register for the tapestry weaving classes, but I really hope so.  It’s so much fun to watch the kids images emerge from the warps.  This is the Virginia Commonwealth University’s Summer Discovery Program.

I haven’t heard about my classes at the Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen yet, and I don’t know about my classes at the other art center, either.  What’s on your loom? Are you teaching someone to weave this summer? What new fiber, and new technique are you working on? Where are you traveling to learn more about fiber art this summer?

Weave peacefully.

Tapestry work

5 06 2009

In preparation for my solo show in Sept, I’m working on one of the two “Blossoms and Bugs” pieces.  This is the slowest weaving I’ve done in forever!!!  Forever! I can work for 5 hours solid, and get 2″ woven.  Ugh.  But I’m loving this;0)

Wanna see?

Parking Lot visitor

3 06 2009

HPIM4893Some of you may know that we have a pond outside the studio. Tonight, during our regular Wed. night class, we got to watch gorgeous thunderstorms because our windows are so large, and It’s a corner studio. When I left after the storms and class, there was this handsome fellow in the parking lot.  We often hear his family croaking in the evenings, but to actually see him was very nice. A healthy frog population is a good sign of environmental health.  He is a tiger bullfrog, native to Fla.

Class was great tonight. Sheila finished dressing her loom, Susan got her project sheet done, Jody almost finished her tie rug, and I’m having a ball working on my “bugs and blossoms” tapestry.  I had a studio assistant today, and got to weave a total of about 8 hours today. Thanks MLE.