Weaving Intensive class in Richmond, VA 6/8/09

2 06 2009

I still have an opening or two in the weaving intensive scheduled to begin on June 8.

Originally, this was scheduled to begin on the 7th, but one student pointed out that it might work better to tack the Sunday hours onto the Friday class. It might save someone a night’s fee in the hotel, so that’s what I’ve done.

Here is the listing:

An Immersion in Weaving – Get settled into your hotel by 3:00, because we are jumping in with both feet at 5:00. Students will put a full four hours in the studio this evening. If you are already weaving, show up with ideas, because we are hitting the road running. Today(Day 1), we will plan our projects, work up our project sheets, pick yarns, and measure out warps for a progressive start to the week. Next, we will measure out warps, and get them wound onto our looms. Tonight(Day one), everyone should have their warps wound on, and will be theading heddles so Monday morning greets you with little work and a lot of weaving. If you have a kit you want to weave, or a copy of a project in a book or magazine, this is not the class to do it in. IN this class students are taught to work with a draft, and develop their own project from the draft. Chefs don’t go to culinary school to learn to make hamburger helper, and you don’t go away to weaving school to learn to weave other people’s work! Let me help you break out of the mold and into an expansive universe of weaving possibilities. Come on, immerse yourself!
Check out the studio on youtube!
Just visit username: maidensweaver
Fee: $500.00
Mon – Friday  9-noon, 1-4 pm, instructional time and 4-10 open studio

Contact me if you are interested.




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