Parking Lot visitor

3 06 2009

HPIM4893Some of you may know that we have a pond outside the studio. Tonight, during our regular Wed. night class, we got to watch gorgeous thunderstorms because our windows are so large, and It’s a corner studio. When I left after the storms and class, there was this handsome fellow in the parking lot.  We often hear his family croaking in the evenings, but to actually see him was very nice. A healthy frog population is a good sign of environmental health.  He is a tiger bullfrog, native to Fla.

Class was great tonight. Sheila finished dressing her loom, Susan got her project sheet done, Jody almost finished her tie rug, and I’m having a ball working on my “bugs and blossoms” tapestry.  I had a studio assistant today, and got to weave a total of about 8 hours today. Thanks MLE.





One response

4 06 2009

He is cute! There were so many croaking frogs at the beach in the pond behind the house.

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