Betsy’s loom

7 06 2009

Betsy’s 4 harness Leclerc Artisat arrived 10 days ago.  She had several things to tend to before she was ready to have me come and assemble it with her.  We did that on Saturday, and the loom is perfect.  In addition to the loom, she got an electric bobbin winder.  La-ti-da.

Tomorrow morning, we begin the weaving intensive. I’ll keep you posted. I’m excited. My felting classes for kids at VCU are a ‘go’ in July. We are still waiting to see if enough students register for the tapestry weaving classes, but I really hope so.  It’s so much fun to watch the kids images emerge from the warps.  This is the Virginia Commonwealth University’s Summer Discovery Program.

I haven’t heard about my classes at the Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen yet, and I don’t know about my classes at the other art center, either.  What’s on your loom? Are you teaching someone to weave this summer? What new fiber, and new technique are you working on? Where are you traveling to learn more about fiber art this summer?

Weave peacefully.




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