Much ado about weaving

10 06 2009

When I don’t post for a while, or don’t post pictures for a while, It’s not because I’m ‘lolligagging’ around, doing nothing and have nothing to say.  Generally, It’s because life is full and the studio fuller.  This week is the weaving intensive. Although I held the class for just 2 people (the min. I will offer it for), it’s perfect! Each person has warped and woven a small project each of Monday and Tues. Today, having been through the process twice, and having  learned to read a draft as well, they planned their own project, using any weave in Marguerite Davison’s book.  And they have done quite well.  Each student understood the draft, determined the dimensions of her own piece, chose yarn, did the math to determine how many ends in the warp, and measured her own warp.  The warps are 144, and 270. Not to shabby! I’m proud of Betsy and Isabella.

In addtion to the weaving intensive going so well, the Tues. morning class really flew through their morning work, and one student wound on her warp, spread it in the raddle, and threaded her heddles. This was a 160+ end warp, and only her 2nd piece of weaving. Great job Marette!  Another student is hurrying along with some summer and winter that will be made into items to sell.  Excellent.

The Wed. night class is also on a roll. Although we were short two students this week, everyone was weaving very productively.  Jane has this wonderful modified/reversing twill going, and we had to backtrack just enough to add floating selvedges, but it’s beautiful. I have pics somewhere, and I will add them later.  Jody is weaving another rag rug. This one is out of terry cloth. Charlene finished her doubleweave and will be absent from the studio for a while.

This means we have a studio opening for one student on Wed. night.

I got my warp measured for 3 , 45″ tapestry pieces, and worked on the 38″ tapestry of “Blossoms and Bugs”.  Here are some of the pics. Otherwise, I’m actually to ‘bushed’ to lable anything. I’m sorry.

Please join us some time. It’s such a blast, and a very loving, warm, busy studio.





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