Amazing Day

26 06 2009

Today was beyond words. A friend and her husband took me with them to Colonial Williamsburg. We were interested in viewing some special collections of dolls and textiles.  In the textile collection, we viewed handwoven bed sheets that were hundreds of years old. We viewed coverlets that were dated 1740’s and other beautiful….amazing textiles.  Most were handwoven, and others were very old jacquard damask pieces.  Just examining these pieces was an emotional experience for me. I wanted to stay in the collection all day.  The curator, Linda Baumgarten is knowledgable, engaging, intuitive, and accomodating.  Please click on  her name, as it is a link to more information about Linda.  This was a day that made me want MORE!

Colonial Williams burg has so much to offer weavers and sewing enthusiasts.

I got home in time for my 4:00 sewing lesson.  My student finished a dress she had been working on for a few weeks.  It is for her grandchild.  We did button holes, buttons with the sewing machine, and sewing on seam binding tape.  She is one of my students who enjoys herself soooo much, that I LOVE teaching.




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27 06 2009

The next time you come down in this direction, you might consider visiting Colonial Fiber Arts in Yorktown. It’s not a huge shop, but it’s chock full of hand wovens, hand knits, spinning, and other hand crafts.

27 06 2009

We were back up on the Colonial Pkwy today. I like to ride on the Capital bikeway. I’ll try next time. Colonial Fiber Arts……

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