Studio, producing, preparing for Sept. exhibit

1 07 2009

Ok, I’m not doing a great job getting ready for the exhibit in Sept. The studio is just so much fun, that I’m always working/playing and it’s no always with what I should be working or playing with. Besides, I’ve got several shops that I need to keep fresh work in.

I’ve joined weight watchers, and have sooo much more energy,  and a gushing flow of creativity.  I’ve got some upcoming classes and workshops for rigid heddle weaving, Learn to weave in a weekend, weaving for kids, and feltmaking.  If I don’t have a class posted, and you want to schedule one, I can put something together.  Hatfelting, rug-felting, felted vessels, weaving, tapestry weaving, sewing, spinning, and more.  Small workshops are especially fun, and I do offer classes for home-schoolers also. You can get these built-to-order for either weeklong summer classes, or weekly classes for the school year.

I’ll try to post more pictures soon.




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