Playing catch-up

11 07 2009

My classes at VCU start Monday. I’m teaching felting classes.  I’m also trying to get all my work done for the show this fall……SEPT!  My DH brought a 4X8 in for me to use as a felting table so I can work on layouts in the house. Here are some pics of that, as well as my purse. It’s a rag purse. I love it. If you want one, they are $165. They are hand-woven of re-purposed cloth, made into strips.  If you want to provide the clothing for me to weave it out of, let me know.  These are great memory pieces for empty-nest moms.

Gather together your college kids old jeans and other woven clothing, or t-shirts, and I make memory fabric from them, and then functional pieces from the fabric.  This is an example of a purse. I also make the purses out of other handwoven fabrics, ie. wools, cottons, etc.

Back to the felting.  There are several shots of the batt being laid out.  You can see the layers of rows and columns as the batt is built up. This piece will finish at about 6’X3′, so it needs to be fairly substantial.  It will probably weigh about 5 lbs finished, but un-mounted.  I’ll try to keep you posted.





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