Sweetness came my way today

23 07 2009

I had such a sweet experience today, that I wanted to share it with you.  I’m on Weight Watchers, and learned that I could get a great salad at Chipotle. So I stopped at Chipotle for lunch, went through the line and got my salad.

I took my salad and drink to the condiment counter in the very busy dining area. As I placed the tray on the counter, everything on the tray fell to the floor.  There was an employee tidying and organizing items on that counter, and she gently acknowledged that, “it would be alright”.

I got back in line to get another salad, and the cashier asked if I needed something (not wanting me to wait int he line again for some small thing).  I told her what happened, and she slipped into the back.  When she returned, she said that the restaurant would like to replace my meal. I thanked her, and found my place back in line. While waiting to order my salad, another employee came up to me and put her arm around me, asking me if I wanted to hear “something sweet”.  As it turns out, someone in the dining room saw me when I dropped my tray, and called the manager, and wanted to buy a replacement lunch for me……

How Sweet is that?  It made my day.

I wish the same kind of sweetness for you.




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