LYS & Lettuce Knit

31 08 2009

Today, taking a break from the fury of trying to be ready for the show, I went to Lettuce Knit in Richmond.  It’s the FLYS of my students and I just hadn’t been.  The yarns that walk out of there, however, were fantastic.  As luck would have it, I arrived as the enthusiastic yarnies were morphing from summer feature to fall feature, as well as unpacking stock. It made for a very energetic shop, lots of yarn flying, but then what’s the difference in that and a working weaving studio. I probably got to see much more yarn because it was setting around in various stages of packed, unpacked, displayed and un-displayed, etc.

I won’t hesitate to tell you I spent a couple hundred dollars in yarn in about 20 min. because you do it to, and you know you do.  The thing is, I got my money’s worth by far.  More than the yarn, the shop, it’s business, the yarnie’ love and enthusiasm for what they were doing, the colors, textures and tools all inspired me to come back to the studio and produce.

Yesterday was dry creatively, and today promised to be the same, so it worked out well for me that I spent a few minutes in this little yarn warren.  Although the name above is a link to their website, don’t go rushing to the website for inspiration.  Those yarnies would rather knit than build a website.  It’s a spartan site.  No beautiful yarns, no bloggy side-bar with clever quips and tips. It’s an opportunity to tell you the phone #, address, store hours, and some of the brand names they carry.  I’m glad I went. I’ll go back, but first, I’ve gotta get ready for this show.

So thanks Trish, Lynne, Joan, Pam and Vicki. I had a good visit.

Enjoy my money, cause I got the better end of that deal;0)


31 08 2009

working – tapestry 08/28/09

28 08 2009

Hard at work?

Sponsor needed! Art exhibit opening geared to unsighted audience

27 08 2009

Oh no! The opening reception for my show opening 9/10  is the victim of a bad economy!  With this show being an invitation to the entire unsighted community, it’s too sad. Someone surely wants to sponsor this opening reception.  Whether you are visually impaired, or just an arts patron, there must be someone who is willing to back this.  If you can sponsor an opening for “Unsighted” an exhibit of tactile art specifically geared to invite the visually impaired community to an art opening… geared toward the tactile experience, an opportunity for the unsighted community to fully experience fiber art, please contact the Cultural Art Center at Glen Allen! and let’s get the ball rolling.

Thanks and please pass the word.


work for the “unsighted” show

26 08 2009

Just a couple of pics of one tactile tapestry. Remember, these pieces were actually designed for tactile stimulation, rather than visual. My concept for the exhibit was that it should be experienced “unsighted”.

Learn to Weave in a Weekend

25 08 2009

I just posted about this a few days ago, but the dates had to be changed.  It was originally scheduled for Oct 3&4 but has been changed to the weekend (Sat & Sun) of Oct 31.

Sat, Oct 3 is now the date for the spinning workshop.  It will be from 9 am – 4 pm. Registration for in “the box” can be used to register. If you are looking for a rigid heddle class/workshop or a table loom class or workshop, please feel free to e-mail me


Hope to see you at the opening on Sept 10, and then again in Oct.


tapestry off the loom

25 08 2009

UGH, I finally got my tapestry off the loom.  It’s been a lot of fun, but man, that’s killer!

Here is a low quality pic of it.0825091747a

Move-in Day

22 08 2009

We are moving child #2 into her dorm today. It’s such a mixed blessing.  She is ready to venture out on her own, but we will miss the day to day blessing of having this joyful lady in our house.  At the same time….. it’s one step closer to the freedom of an empty nest!!!!  Who says that’s a BAD thing?

Keep us in your prayers, as I’m sure there will be tears of sadness and joy today.

acquisition for teaching

21 08 2009

acquisitionI picked up some table looms for teaching. There are now 6 table looms for me to use here in the studio to teach, to take into the school systems, or to travel to rural art centers! This is a very nice addition to the studio.

I also encountered 2 very special people. Ron, is a wood worker, and his wife, Judy is an acomplished fiber artist.  I hope to have her here in the studio teaching doll-making, and teaching specific weaving projects. She does these lovely specialty tapestries that you should have the opportunity to learn to weaver here in the studio.  We will post pictures once she and I have hammered out the details. OK?

The deadline for my show is looming yet, so I have to get back to the tapestry and will post more in a few days.

You will want to know that I am heading to the Grand Canyon in Oct. and will hope to post to the blog along the way.  If my traveling companions won’t mind, maybe I can take one of these little table looms along. Or one for each of us, as they are really compact.




13 08 2009