acquisition for teaching

21 08 2009

acquisitionI picked up some table looms for teaching. There are now 6 table looms for me to use here in the studio to teach, to take into the school systems, or to travel to rural art centers! This is a very nice addition to the studio.

I also encountered 2 very special people. Ron, is a wood worker, and his wife, Judy is an acomplished fiber artist.  I hope to have her here in the studio teaching doll-making, and teaching specific weaving projects. She does these lovely specialty tapestries that you should have the opportunity to learn to weaver here in the studio.  We will post pictures once she and I have hammered out the details. OK?

The deadline for my show is looming yet, so I have to get back to the tapestry and will post more in a few days.

You will want to know that I am heading to the Grand Canyon in Oct. and will hope to post to the blog along the way.  If my traveling companions won’t mind, maybe I can take one of these little table looms along. Or one for each of us, as they are really compact.






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22 08 2009

I know someone with a floor loom, if you or one of your students is interested. It’s a 36″ 4 harness Harrisville. More info available if you contact me.

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