Youtube, spinning and weaving and my show

4 09 2009

Are you aware that I have Youtube videos to help you with your spinning and weaving education?  In case you haven’t checked them out, shared them with someone, or critiqued my methods, visit my youtube channel:

You can check out my teaching style before taking my class, find alternatives to your own spinning and weaving methods, or share this info with someone who needs help with drafting, or threading.  After checking it out, perhaps you will join me for a class?

ALSO, it seems that my students have decided to sponsor the opening reception for the show opening next week!  The opening is Sept 17 from 7-9 pm at the Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen (That’s in VA). The exhibit is a tactile exhibit, and is definitely geared toward tactility and being experienced “unsighted”.  If you are bringing a group, and you contact me, I’ll try to meet you over at the art center.  My studio is just about 15 min. away.   Call ahead and we can make arrangements.  If you are visiting from out of town, and want to combine your visit with a studio visit, e-mail me, and we will see what we can do. OK?

Thanks for your support, and A BIG thanks to my dear students.




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[…] Youtube, spinning and weaving and my show September 2009 […]

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