“Unsighted” is open and the reception is Thurs. 9/17/09

13 09 2009

The show opened on Thurs. Yesterday, I went over to the art center to demonstrate tapestry weaving before and between performances a political parody. A lot of people go into the gallery and visit during those times.  It was a good time for me to talk to people about my work, and what inspired the various pieces, how they were made, and why I enjoy what I do.  Several people just couldn’t overcome their ‘correct thinking’ that typically, you don’t touch things in a gallery. Other people just dove in!  It was fun.

If you are reading this, please come to the opening on Thurs. It’s from 7-9 pm on Sept 17. My youth after school classes begin this week, and I’m looking forward to that as well, as sharing pictures with you of what we are doing in them.  Sewing class is meeting today just to get the lay of the land at Hancock fabric.

What are you weaving?  Did I mention that I’ve started a blog for the sewing students and sewing enthusiasts?  It’s a wordpress blog. and the url is http://sewdelightful.wordpress.com It’s so fresh now, that there isn’t much up, but I’ll build on it as we do more and more in the sewing classes.

If you are working on some great sewing project, please visit the other blog, and link me up to some pictures!





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