Crazy fun Week

6 11 2009

It’s been a crazy fun week this week. One student just had a ball on Tues. She fell in love with one of my looms, and just had to have one. We spent the next 24 hours scouring the nation for one, and found it fairly close to home on Wed. We chatted back and forth with the seller, and on Wed, my friend bought a loom. (actually, it’s “another” loom, but she doesn’t or may not yet realize she has been infected with LAS, and I don’t want her to know that I’ve passed on this horrrriiiiibbbbbllllleeee illness to her…shhshshshsh)

My friend, the loom buyer and one of my traveling companions to the Grand Canyon, is also having an open house this weekend, and we want the studio to look it’s best, and have warps on as many looms as possible, so I’ve been warping her Glimakra Ideal-like ancient loom. I’m almost finished, and I hope to share photos of the beautiful warp with you. Tomorrow, I’ll finish threading the heddles, sley the reed, tie the warp on, then do all the counter-marche steps to finish setting up. Then I’ll re-assemble the Macomber 12 shaft loom, and hopefully, get a warp on it. The Leclerc Colonial may just be the nudist in the bunch, as I don’t think I can dress all 3 looms before the open house. I love the studio, and enjoy spending time there. She has 5 or 6 dogs, and one of them always likes to keep my company in the studio.

When you combine all that with 3 new sewing students, many returning sewing students, 75 yards of fabric purchased 10 for myself, and a valance class, it’s just been way to much fun for real life.

More later, when I can add pics.





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