Busy, Busy days

11 11 2009

I can’t keep up! The studio is constantly busy. I’m working on a tallit commission right now, and need to get it done within the next couple of weeks. I’m also finishing up the blue and teal alpaca/silk scarf, and a couple of tapestry/rug warps.Sorry I haven’t posted pics in such a while. That should be an indication to you of how busy it is.  The show ,”Unsighted, the Tactility of Textiles” closed on Sunday, and I’ve got to go pick it up and it will travel.

In the studio, we have a couple students working on tapestries, and one doing a twill sampler as placemats, one doing a textured scarf, another working on some placemats to felt, and another on a chenille shawl. The sewing students are abundant also.

Some of you know I’ve been looking for a “ministry”, or  way of using my gifts and talents to give back/glorify God, and a friend who is very generous is making clothes for children in need. It sounds like something I really want to do, so I’m going to open the studio to volunteers once a month to make clothes for kids in need. This is for kids who don’t have clothes. I’m not talking about kids who want more clothes, but kids who really need a new set of clothes because they haven’t got clothing that isn’t falling apart. My friend is doing it for a mission in Kenya. Maybe I can jump on that effort? If you want to get involved with this, contact me, and I’ll let you know the first work day. It’s my hope to have 3 people cutting out, 4-6 people sewing and 2 others to keep us going (maybe pinning, etc) we would be doing girl clothes one odd months: Jan,Mar,May,July,Sept,Nov. and Boys clothes on even Months: alternate.





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