loom for sale

19 11 2009

I have an 8 shaft, used Leclerc Compact 24 for sale. It has worked well for me for 5 years, and has woven pieces that have been shown in several Virginia art centers.  The loom is an X frame loom, making it easy to dress because it can be partially folded to bring the heddles closer to you, and the heddle eyes closer to eye level.  The loom comes with lea sticks, a raddle, and a boat shuttle. It has a tension brake, jack shaft lifting mechanisms, 10 treadles and is made of maple. It’s in very good condition and is currently in use. It’s great for new or experienced weavers. It can weave single thickness fabrics of 24″ wide, and it can weave up to about 46″ double weave!

It has been used as a teaching loom, as well as a loom for my own personal use. It has wheels to increase it’s portability, and it will fit into a station wagon easily! Selling price is $1000.The 8 shaft loom, is the one in the foreground.  The loom is in Richmond, VA




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