Studio goings-on and what I’m Thankful for

19 11 2009

Beauty in the studio. Well, I’m down to a bare-bones weaving enrollment right now, and a more than a little thankful. Sometimes, the studio gets to be business, instead of friends and I never like that. Currently, one loved student is on a series of vacations (HI Betsy, we love and miss you!), one is weaving a tapestry, one is experimenting both in the studio and at home. I’ve got a commission going on a loom, a blue/green scarf being woven off another, and am setting up a loom at a friend’s house, so I can weave there over Thanksgiving.

Here are some pictures of the work:

alpaca silk scarf in teal and royal

I’m thankful for our marine friends who are returning/have returned safely from deployments, for my family, for my friends and students(you are my friends), for enough work to keep my head above water, a great studio, plenty of wonderful equipment and now, for some opportunities to use my equipment in service to God through helping others.

Life is good!




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