Tallit pics prior to shipping

29 12 2009

Just posting a few last pics of the tallit prior to shipping. (It’s actually gone…. the pics were my farewell) Generally, a tallit order comes in about 6 months prior to it’s delivery date. In the 6 months that I plan it, set up the loom, weave it off, embroider it, and assemble the various items encompassed by the order, I get very attached to these commissions. There is also often some separation stress associated with parting from them.  Anxiety about what the response of the recipient will be, and whether my client will receive it safely.

Well, here is what my latest tallit looked like right before it shipped.


tallit work

23 12 2009

Well, the tallit is off the loom, wet-finished, pressed, and the fringes trimmed. I’m sewing the corners on and finishing the embroidery on the atarah. It was my intent to ship tomorrow, but the client has asked me to wait until Monday…. an extension! Good thing I didn’t know it, or I’d still be weaving (hehehe).

Here are some pics of the various parts and pieces, the tallit itself, the lettering as it’s transcribed, the weaver and the weaving.

Anxiety and Depression begin to set in

21 12 2009

Well, now that it’s done, I can tell you. My son deployed today. UGH! It’s very stressful for the guys, but also for the families they leave behind. First and foremost, we miss them even before they leave. We are constantly concerned for their wellbeing and pray for them constantly. But there is also the fact that while they are gone, we must keep up their business. Their accounts need to be put on “deployed” status, Mom or Dad, or Wife need to file the taxes, turn off the cell phone, Pay the car payment each month, manage the soldier’s life back home, while he is off fighting. For some of this, we need their bills and mail, for some, we need copies of their orders, a power of attorney, etc. So add to the other stressors, the “Did he give me everything?” panic and the “He left his What!!!!! sitting on the couch at home 200 miles away and wants me to send it half way around the world?”panic and you know the kind of day we have had here.

Keep me in your prayers. I’m a basket case with a commission due. Gotta get it shipped out before Christmas!


Winter storm on East Coast – pics

18 12 2009

Just a few pictures of the snow as it’s coming down. We have had about a foot so far. It’s blown around, so there isn’t more than about 10″ in the flat areas. It’s supposed to snow throught the night, too!  Wow, I have a commission I should be working on at the studio. It’s 20+ miles away. Don’t think I’ll be getting in there this weekend. HHHMMMMMM. Fortunately, I brought a sewing machine home, and the work I need to embroider, so all’s not lost.

I’ve also included pictures of the tallit on the loom. You can see that I’m battling lateral abrasion due to draw-in. Regular floating selveges were still allowing 3/4″ draw-in, and the edge threads were getting eaten up about 1 per quarter inch. Now that I’ve replaced the bamboo floating selveges with 25lb monofilament weighted with 8oz. I’m having significantly less draw-in, and much less breakage also.  Still some draw-in, and you can see what stress that would create on the edge yarns.  Here are the pics.


Gift Certificates Available

18 12 2009

For those of you looking for a great gift for a fiber fiend, I have gift certificates available.  Gift certificates are available for classes and workshops which I put together, or classes that YOU put together.  Sooooooo, if you want to take a weaving or felting, or spinning class with a few friends, you can actually give the class as a gift.  Once you gift the gift, we can work out a day/time that works for the group, or we can do that in advance, and the certificate can specify the day/time.

Contact me now to hold a fun, workshop of fellowship with your own friends making the project of your choice. Weaving, feltmaking, spinning, sewing all are possibilities;9)

Working on the tallit

16 12 2009

Well, I’m getting ready to do the embellishments on the tallit ensemble. My client sent me the hebrew lettering she wanted me to do, and because our computers are Western, they transposed the letter order (unbeknownst to me). All the letters were recognizable, but the words were just gobble-de-goop.  This hasn’t happened before. I generally have the quotations translated and then transcribed and I embroider them. In this case, the  client sent them already translated, and our computers jumbled the letters. Printers frequently do this with Hebrew.

Fortunately, the client and I communicate well, and I sent her a picture of how the lettering would look,  and she quickly caught the problem, and we are in the process of fixing the letting order and I will begin embroidery today or tomorrow as I’m traveling to see my son off.

Here are some pictures of the lettering before and in progress of the ‘fix’.

Fruit from the loom

14 12 2009

Here is the work currently on looms in the studio. You have already seen the tallit, here is more of Betsy’s shawl. It’s a lot like oatmeal. Great texture, and a wonderful, shade and hightlight of ‘natural’.  Then there is the fabric that our new student MaryBeth is weaving in burgundy and gold. I think she is making a purse of this, and Ginger’s rag weaving. I’m including a close-up of her piece, so you can see the rag spun into yarn prior to weaving. We are having fun, How ’bout you?

What’s on your loom? Are you joining us for the Jan class on weaving Roman Shades? It will probably take 4 weeks to weave. It will also probably take an additional 2 weeks to turn your weaving into a shade. So I’m booking the class for 6 weeks for $225.00. Students who don’t complete their work in 6 weeks may add consecutive weeks for $35.00/week, or if you know you just want to stay in the studio for a few months, working on weaving for the home, you can just pay $150/month. This allows you to come during any “open” hours, and work independently in addition to your own class time. Registration for these class is open now, and will close on 12/21. At that time, I will either confirm the class, or cancel the class, based on enrollment. All class participants must be registered and paid 2 weeks prior to the beginning of a class, or their space in class will be considered “available to book”, and may be registered to another student.

Looking forward to having you in class. If you are not weaving a roman shade, you may still be in the Tues. night weaving class. I will simply work with you on the specific project you are interested in producing. If you are looking for a spinning class, I teach privately, and I do take spinning students during the Tues. morning weaving/spinning time slot, as well as the Tues evening weaving/spinning time slot. Spinners on Tues. evenings may begin after the 15th of a month.

The additional pics are the orchids. They are so happy right now. Unfortunately, I lost one this month. Prior to that, I hadn’t lost an orchid in years. They bring color and warmth and (for me) Joy to the studio.

Hope to see you in the studio!