Fruit from the loom

14 12 2009

Here is the work currently on looms in the studio. You have already seen the tallit, here is more of Betsy’s shawl. It’s a lot like oatmeal. Great texture, and a wonderful, shade and hightlight of ‘natural’.  Then there is the fabric that our new student MaryBeth is weaving in burgundy and gold. I think she is making a purse of this, and Ginger’s rag weaving. I’m including a close-up of her piece, so you can see the rag spun into yarn prior to weaving. We are having fun, How ’bout you?

What’s on your loom? Are you joining us for the Jan class on weaving Roman Shades? It will probably take 4 weeks to weave. It will also probably take an additional 2 weeks to turn your weaving into a shade. So I’m booking the class for 6 weeks for $225.00. Students who don’t complete their work in 6 weeks may add consecutive weeks for $35.00/week, or if you know you just want to stay in the studio for a few months, working on weaving for the home, you can just pay $150/month. This allows you to come during any “open” hours, and work independently in addition to your own class time. Registration for these class is open now, and will close on 12/21. At that time, I will either confirm the class, or cancel the class, based on enrollment. All class participants must be registered and paid 2 weeks prior to the beginning of a class, or their space in class will be considered “available to book”, and may be registered to another student.

Looking forward to having you in class. If you are not weaving a roman shade, you may still be in the Tues. night weaving class. I will simply work with you on the specific project you are interested in producing. If you are looking for a spinning class, I teach privately, and I do take spinning students during the Tues. morning weaving/spinning time slot, as well as the Tues evening weaving/spinning time slot. Spinners on Tues. evenings may begin after the 15th of a month.

The additional pics are the orchids. They are so happy right now. Unfortunately, I lost one this month. Prior to that, I hadn’t lost an orchid in years. They bring color and warmth and (for me) Joy to the studio.

Hope to see you in the studio!





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