Working on the tallit

16 12 2009

Well, I’m getting ready to do the embellishments on the tallit ensemble. My client sent me the hebrew lettering she wanted me to do, and because our computers are Western, they transposed the letter order (unbeknownst to me). All the letters were recognizable, but the words were just gobble-de-goop.  This hasn’t happened before. I generally have the quotations translated and then transcribed and I embroider them. In this case, the  client sent them already translated, and our computers jumbled the letters. Printers frequently do this with Hebrew.

Fortunately, the client and I communicate well, and I sent her a picture of how the lettering would look,  and she quickly caught the problem, and we are in the process of fixing the letting order and I will begin embroidery today or tomorrow as I’m traveling to see my son off.

Here are some pictures of the lettering before and in progress of the ‘fix’.




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