Winter storm on East Coast – pics

18 12 2009

Just a few pictures of the snow as it’s coming down. We have had about a foot so far. It’s blown around, so there isn’t more than about 10″ in the flat areas. It’s supposed to snow throught the night, too!  Wow, I have a commission I should be working on at the studio. It’s 20+ miles away. Don’t think I’ll be getting in there this weekend. HHHMMMMMM. Fortunately, I brought a sewing machine home, and the work I need to embroider, so all’s not lost.

I’ve also included pictures of the tallit on the loom. You can see that I’m battling lateral abrasion due to draw-in. Regular floating selveges were still allowing 3/4″ draw-in, and the edge threads were getting eaten up about 1 per quarter inch. Now that I’ve replaced the bamboo floating selveges with 25lb monofilament weighted with 8oz. I’m having significantly less draw-in, and much less breakage also.  Still some draw-in, and you can see what stress that would create on the edge yarns.  Here are the pics.




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