Anxiety and Depression begin to set in

21 12 2009

Well, now that it’s done, I can tell you. My son deployed today. UGH! It’s very stressful for the guys, but also for the families they leave behind. First and foremost, we miss them even before they leave. We are constantly concerned for their wellbeing and pray for them constantly. But there is also the fact that while they are gone, we must keep up their business. Their accounts need to be put on “deployed” status, Mom or Dad, or Wife need to file the taxes, turn off the cell phone, Pay the car payment each month, manage the soldier’s life back home, while he is off fighting. For some of this, we need their bills and mail, for some, we need copies of their orders, a power of attorney, etc. So add to the other stressors, the “Did he give me everything?” panic and the “He left his What!!!!! sitting on the couch at home 200 miles away and wants me to send it half way around the world?”panic and you know the kind of day we have had here.

Keep me in your prayers. I’m a basket case with a commission due. Gotta get it shipped out before Christmas!





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22 12 2009

Deployment sucks. I was a Navy wife for 9 years until the hubby retired last year. And it only got worse every time. Including mandatory meetings that spouses had to attend, being the only person responsible for a brand new baby, etc. And it was all kinds of fun when issues came up where I wasn’t listed on whatever account (cable, electric, whatever) and they simply *would not talk to me* because of that. But the fun ones were telemarket calls–when informed that he was unavailable, they inevitably asked when a better time to reach him would be. “November.” You can almost hear the mental screech to a halt as that sinks in. ; )

22 12 2009

Wow, I cannot imagine. I am a First Class worrier. My father who was born in 1919 enlisted at 17 in 1937 after talking his mother into signing for him to go so he would not have to work in the cotton mills as his parents and grandparents had done. Then WWII happened and he went to the Pacific. He made a great life for himself and us. Keep the faith.

I miss you guys. Merry Christmas Cherri.

22 12 2009

Wow, I didn’t know that about you. It’s hard enough being a parent. It sounds even more difficult as a spouse.
I miss You!

22 12 2009

Hi Cherri-I’ll be thinking of you. Wishing you all the best. Working on your weaving projects will be good therapy!

31 12 2009

Thanks Felicitas. Christmas day was very difficult, but staying busy really helps.

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