Tallit pics prior to shipping

29 12 2009

Just posting a few last pics of the tallit prior to shipping. (It’s actually gone…. the pics were my farewell) Generally, a tallit order comes in about 6 months prior to it’s delivery date. In the 6 months that I plan it, set up the loom, weave it off, embroider it, and assemble the various items encompassed by the order, I get very attached to these commissions. There is also often some separation stress associated with parting from them.  Anxiety about what the response of the recipient will be, and whether my client will receive it safely.

Well, here is what my latest tallit looked like right before it shipped.




2 responses

31 12 2009

The tallit is beautiful! Did you embroider the Hebrew lettering by hand? It looks so clean and perfect. Well done.

31 12 2009

Thanks, i freehand the letters when I lay it out, then I transfer it using a jig to keep me working in the same line and size constraints, then I hand embroider it. It’s foolish to do that at the nominal price I charge per letter. AND on this one, I made a mistake, and will have to do a new atarah.
It’s a spacing issue. I combined 2 names into one. Since I use disappearing ink, I can’t just remove the letters that need to be moved because I’m sure the ink ‘set’ when I ironed the tallit. Ah well, good thing I love what I do, huh?

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