A new season in the studio

3 01 2010

Well, Tuesday mornings will be wonderful with the studio regulars, and a few new weavers joining us beginning This week.  Then Tues. evening, we are beginning fresh with an all new group of students.  We have one student working on a table loom, and  one on the floor loom. I’ve heard from a couple other folks, but don’t have their registrations yet.  I have 2 openings for weaving on floor looms right now and have a couple table looms that I can teach on, or for sale.

If you are interested in joining us, e-mail me, send the registration form, and come on in!  We frequently have students join mid-month, so don’t be ‘locked in’ by set starting dates. If there are openings, you can begin when you are ready.

The learn to weave in a weekend is also awaiting registrants, so be sure to let me know if you are interested.

Quilter, Corkie Shibley, is going to begin teaching quilting in mid-January also. Check out the blog:
http://www.sewdelightful.wordpress.com for more info on that.

Right now, there are also several spinning students taking private spinning lessons on Fridays and Thursdays. There have been some requests for a Sunday afternoon weaving class again, and I’m checking to see if there will be looms available for such a class. If you are interested in weaving, and a Sunday afternoon class will suit your schedule, let me know.

My next weaving project is undecided, it will probably be a roman shade. But, what pattern. Any suggestions?

That’s all the news for now. I’ll put some pics up later, as things begin moving along in the studio, OK?

Stay warm.





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