weekday sewing classes

7 01 2010

If you didn’t see the class schedule, be aware I do offer weekday sewing classes on Wed. mornings.  The current session didn’t have sufficient enrollment, but I’m willing to start one up again as soon as I have enough students interested. Class begins at 9ish and continues for 2.5 hours. It meets 4 consecutive weeks. The Wed. night adult class went well this week.

The students made a decision to venture out of the jammy pants mode and we are doing the basics of learning to sew straight, zig zag, curved lines and pivoted corners, then we will be making a pillow, or a variety of differnt pillows and other home decor items. The students are fun and such good friends with one another that it produces a great vibe int he studio.

I use Janome machines in the studio, and the one very basic machine that I like is on sale at Hancock this week (as of yesterday), so I now have several new Janome machines. I love a bargain.  I’ve used these machines in the studio for a year, with constant use…. sometimes, they might get 12 hours/ week on them and they haven’t needed ANY repairs. That’s impressive. Of course, I keep them clean, and fairly dust free, well oiled and most of the time with fresh needles (shamefacedly hiding this week, as I failed to have 2 students replace dull needles and a student’s work puckered as a result)

Bernina has a couple of machines that I’m going to test drive for personal use, and teaching embroidery, and Janome has an overlock that I’m going to play on to see if I want some of them for the studio.  If you didn’t get one of the Janome machines at the Broad St. Hancock, there is a wonderful Hancock over on Midlothian turnpike. You should call and see if they still have any, or ask Gloria at the Broad St. store if they do ‘rainchecks’. While you are there, say, “Hi” to Rose. If you haven’t been to the Hancock store on Broad St. you should go and meet the ladies there. Be sure to be friendly, get to know the people there by name and you will always enjoy your experience better.

Gotta go for now, See you in the studio.





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