2010 Weaving classes available in Richmond, VA

20 01 2010

The 2010 weekly weaving classes are on Tues. morning (9:30-noon) and Tues. evenings (6:30 – 9:00).
Once a month, I try to have a special weaving weekend. It’s generally a “Learn to Weave in a Weekend” class, and usually the third weekend of the month.
Students who are looking specifically for tapestry or rigid heddle weaving instruction can join us in any of the above classes. Students whose schedules don’t jibe with what’s offered have a couple of options:
1. book private instruction
2. put together a group of 3 -4 people and form your own class for me to teach
3.  Contact me about what works for you, let me advertise a class at that time and see if we can create something to work with your own schedule. (students choosing this option must register with full payment for me to do this).
Once a month, I open the studio up for benevolent sewing. If you sew, you can come in and work with us on making clothes for kids in Kenya who benefit from a mission that friends of mine run.
Hope to see you in the studio.



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