Goings on and the fiber/wearable art show in Mathews

22 01 2010

Today, I spent the day with a friend, traveling to Mathews, va to judge the wearable art/fiber art show at Bay School of the Arts.  It was a very good little show.  There were 5-6 hooked rugs, 6-8 pieces of weaving, several quilts, some jewelery, some very nice sewing,  embroidery/stumpwork worth seeing, 10 pieces of so of weaving, dyed silk scarves, felted items, etc.

We thoroughly enjoyed seeing the quality of work that is showing up at this little gallery in rural Virginia.  If you get the chance, go by and see the show. When you do, you really should cross the street and visit Chef Todd at his restaurant.  He has a delightful restaurant, which I will drive my husband to just for a lunch or dinner.  It’s worth the 2 hour drive.  Chef Todd has a great restaurant where diners are received with small town warmth and hospitality. There is nothing small town about Chef Todd’s daily offerings.  The specials are definitely able to satisfy the gourmet palate, but if it’s not gourmet you are looking for, he also has a simple, barbcue sandwich that just melts my heart. No gooey bar-b-cue sauces on this excellent meat, it’s delicately smoked flavor is it’s big boast. Next to the flavor, is the moist, succulence of the meat.  I always love Chef Todd’s bar-b-cue and his cucumber salad when I go to Mathews. To be honest, the cucumber salad haunts me when I can’t get to Mathews often enough.

Back to Bay School of the Arts.  The exhibit opens tomorrow evening, and I really recommend a visit.  If you go tomorrow night, you’ll have the opportunity to meet the various artists, as well as some of the staff, see the exhibit and the center.  It’s a favorite place amongst those I teach, because of the precious people there.  Tell them I sent you.

Take care.





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