Spinning and weaving chiengora

25 01 2010

With the new year well into swing, I’m working on some of those chiengora commissions. Right now, I’m working on some Sheltie. It’s 3 dogs . I’m keeping the fiber colors separate to spin, and perhaps will combine them in plying.  Then I have some bearded collie, and a mixture. I’m waiting on a few more commissions which I’ve been chatting about, but don’t have the fiber yet. One is Old English Sheepdog. Yes, of course you’re jealous. It’s awesome fiber.

Spinning chiengora is a wonderful way to start the new year. It’s so personal and it commemorates a very cool relationship between friends.  Sometimes, it’s a memorial of a lifelong friend who has passed, but often, it’s an honorarium of a present companion. I generally receive pictures, and often, stories recounting the years of fellowship the pet has enjoyed with a family and vice versa.  I’m loving 2010. Here are some pictures of the current fiber and yarn.





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