Freshly woven – Hopsack? and liturgical work

27 01 2010

Have you heard of hopsack? It’s a cotton or linen fabric that’s loosely woven and has threads grouped and woven as one. In Jeanne’s hopsack towels (see photo), there are 3 weft threads woven in alternating sheds and 2 weft threads woven in the corresponding sheds. It’s a variation on plain weave. Jeanne choose vibrant colors that suit her vivacious personality;0)

Another wonderful success in the studio this week is Colleen’s liturgical stole.  She has some banana fiber that has been spun into a highly textured, lustrous, but compact yarn. She wanted to use it for a liturgical stole, and so we looked at various base fibers and decided that the base of the stole should be linen and she would use the banana as weft. She chose an undulating twill as her weave and did 3 inches of plain weave, and then several of the banana in the undulating twill. WOW, the texture of the banana was lovely, but overwhelming as the ‘body’ of the stole. So wonderful communicator that she is, Colleen told me what her vision for the piece was and after a little bit of sampling, she began weaving a banana ‘trail’ through the linen background of the stole. The results are exactly what she envisioned and we are both enjoying satisfaction in her success.

I’m still working on the Sheltie Chiengora commission. The client decided to have the 2 colors plied together for a nice uniform yarn throughout the areas where there is sufficient tweed yarn to maintain the two-color ply.  It’s a very nice fiber. Soft, but more like a merino with memory, than angora (like a lot of chiengora undercoat).  I’m anxious to finish this chiengora and begin the next. I have some Old English Sheepdog coming in this week, and I LOVE spinning OES, Polish Lowland, bearded collie, etc. My own family raised/bred Afghan hounds when I was a child, and I hope to get an afghan hound commission soon. I think my afghan hound background may be the beginning of my fiber awakening.

OH, more pics of the chiengora in progress. Don’t ask me why I’m using 2 different wheels…. I’m such an oddity.

Spin softly and weave with Joy!





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