Hansen mini spinner

4 02 2010

I’m a hand-spinner and a Fricke fan. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the smoothest spin on the market. There are times, however, when I need an e-spinner, and I’m starting to shop around. The Fricke’s have a very durable looking e-spinner, and someone has a ‘butterfly’ out there, that’s really quiet, but it has an exposed, horizontal drive band that just seems to me like an invitation for problems when moving around with it.

The Hansen’s, however have a very small, self-contained, quiet e-spinner called the Hansen mini-spinner that has me intrigued. I want to say, that e-spinners aren’t cheap, and I’m just beginning the search. If some of these mfg. loaned their equipment to me to review….. it might be helpful. But….. I don’t have the readership that ravelry has, so such loans are probably out of the question. Hmmm, I don’t need 5 e-spinners, so I guess whichever one I get is going to get the review. From the outside, looking in, I’m going to tell you that Hansen, with it’s compact styling, and tiny footprint, enclosed motor, etc it’s pretty much got my heart. BUT $700+ is kind of a pipe dream for me. I’ve been mulling putting a motor on the upright shaft of one of my wheels. We’ll see what I come up with. If you go to youtube, glacialwanderer has an e-spinner that he basically shows you what you need to make it! I think that guy is very cool. His mind is exponentially more brilliant than mine, and I marvel at it;0)

Well, let’s watch, and see whether I come up with what it takes to get that mini spinner. It’s definitely on my “equipment for 2010” list to buy, and review. I’ll also keep you posted on how difficult I find it to add a small motor to my existing spinning equipment and make an e-spinner of my own. Bye for now.





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