Table loom weaving class

18 02 2010

The Tues night class has become a table loom weaving class by default! Each person in the class is currently working on a table loom. This means they are able to take their work home week to week and plow through much more in a month than otherwise possible.  The class isn’t closed to floor loom weavers, it’s just the way this has worked out. There are openings in the class, in case you would like to join us. We meet on Tues nights from 6:30 – 9:00 pm. Because we lost so much time to bad weather, we are making up a week the last day of the month, Feb. 28 from 1:00-3:30. We don’t usually meet on Sunday, we have missed so much this month due to weather.

Here are pictures of what’s going on:

The Brown will be a scarf, and the blue is more of the ecclesiastic stole. It’s really coming along, as are these two weavers.

See you in the studio.





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