Buy equipment, help a fellow weaver

26 04 2010

This is information that was sent to me. Rather than forward it, I though it might be helpful to just put it here. Hope you find something you want, and I hope you help this fellow weaver. The information is word for word (not my words), so if you need more information, please contact Sue Mansfield at:

A fellow weaver “who lives in Washington, NC, suffered a stroke recently.  Her family has decided to sell her looms;  a 36″ Schacht Mighty Wolf (4 s) with high castle, bench and Wolf Trap, raddle, 3 reeds (6, 8, 10 dent), 4 cone stand for warping, Harris Designs warping board, Mattson bobbin winder and bobbins, Schacht 11″ boat shuttles, rug shuttles, pick up sticks   Current value over $2500 for group; make offer.

16″ Schacht table loom (4 s) with stand and one reed,shuttles, pickup sticks.  Current value $736; make offer.

She also has books and yarn including Pendleton selvedges.   Extra 20.5″ 6 dent reed

Schacht Inkle loom– $75 and small inkle loom from Goodwoods-$54.

I have photos; everything is in excellent or good condition.  Book list attached; the Weaving Book by Helene Bress is sold and the Inkle book will go with the loom I believe.  Collingwood’s book on Rug Techniques is in excellent condition.

Please share this information with others.  The package of loom with the rest of the equipment is a great deal for a beginner.  Pick up looms, pay for shipping on other items.”

She also has the following books:





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