Lillstina loom for sale in Virginia

14 05 2010

No, I’m not selling my Lillstina;0)

this is a lady in Bedford, VA. She has a Lillstina, folding floor loom about 45″ wide. It’s a cante-lever, 4 harness loom. She is asking an excellent price of $300, if the loom is well taken care of. I haven’t seen it, but she says she hasn’t used it in 30 years.

I’ve requested pics to post.

It needs to be purchased and moved by June 5.

If you have questions, please call or e-mail me.


May 13, 2010 Table loom weaving???

13 05 2010

More and more of my students are going to weaving on various tabletop looms. It fits more people’s budgets in this economy.

This week, and over the past months, I have had more table loom students than ever before. We may have some join us in the Sunday afternoon classes. Table loom weaving is a very practical way to learn to weave, because you pay for class, and glean in class, and don’t waste class time on the repetitive stuff that you can do at home. Take the loom home, and come to class ready to go on to the next step. These students probably move through the material in about half the time of floor loom weavers, with the exception of those who do parallel projects at home and studio.

Here are just a couple of pictures of a recent table loom student:

Great rigid heddle weaving workshop

1 05 2010

We had a great workshop today. It was subsidized by Virginia Museum of Fine Art, so it didn’t cost the participants a lot.

Everyone had a great time, and some students took their looms home, to finish their work. Several students brought yarn from their home stash and shared with everyone!!!! What kindness. Here are some pics.