Finished the rigid heddle weaving class

17 07 2010

Busy week and weekend, so i’m just posting pics of the final day of the rigid heddle weaving workshop with Discovery@VCU

Check it out.

More pics of the Rigid heddle work week at Discovery@VCU

15 07 2010

As promised;0)

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The kids rigid heddle class

14 07 2010

I’m tired, so I’m just going to upload some pics from the class this week. I’ll try to upload more later in the week. We are having fun. The students are awesome:0) Doing a great job also.


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Rigid Heddle Weaving class for kids

12 07 2010

This week, I’m at VCU, with the Discovery program. I’m teaching rigid heddle weaving in the afternoons. We will be making scarves, or fabric to make purses from, then we will make the purses;0)

We will be using a variety of rigid heddle looms, including the Penelope II, the Bergere, the Beka, and the Fiddle. I’ll try to remember to take/send pictures.