Wet-felting workshop was wonderful

12 12 2010

Yesterday was the latest wet-felting workshop. It was privately booked, with the understanding that I would guarantee the class , but if additional students were interested, I could register 2 others.  We held the class with 2. Although there were numerous inquiries about the class, everyone wanted to know when the “next” one is. The answer is generally the same….. whenever you book one, and then I will advertise to add to it. I book my classes based on demand.  If a student is available, and wants to book for 2  people, I’ll guarantee the class, and attempt to increase registration.That way, when the weekend is reserved on my calendar, I definitely have a class, and you are guaranteed a class, rather than receiving a cancellation at the last minute.

Anyway, here are some pics of the class. We had fun, and the hats were precious. We made hats, and embellishments.

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Pics of the current work in the studio

3 12 2010

Today, we had a small group in class. Perhaps it’s the time of year. Illnesses are going around. We did have a new student and she blew me away with her skill in the studio. Most students get their warp measured the first lesson, occassionally, someone will also get it wound onto the warp beam. This lady did that, and threaded ALL the heddles! Of course she stayed and worked into the afternoon, but unassisted. She has “yarn hands”. Very good at handling the stuff;0)

Her warp looks great, and I have great expectations of this lady. Here she is with it almost done!

And another student, the one working on the double-weave with baby alpaca is getting a great product. The weaving is going great. and for those of you who aren’t familiar with Double-weave, it’s when you weave 2 layers at once. In this case, the student is weaving a folded piece of fabric. Yes, she is weaving it folded!

I am starting a weeknight weaving class in January 2011. It looks like it will be on Tues. or Thursday evenings from 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm. I have 3 openings. Cost is $150/month (4 consecutive weeks, 2.5 hours per class evening, total of 10 instructional hours). Hope to hear from you.

Registration forms are in the Box.net box on the right side of this blog window.