6 or 7 looms left for sale

29 01 2011

I still have several looms to sell. The 45″, 4 harness Leclerc Artisat is still available, at $1500.00.

There is still a Leclerc Tissart that’s 45″ (this is a tapestry loom with 2 harnesses), and it’s only $800. I have the 45″ Lillstina 4 harness, cantilever loom for $800.

A 45″ Schacht, 4 harness, jack loom

and a 16 shaft, 48″ Macomber loom with bench, footrest, double sectional back beams, and much more, for $4500.00.

Anything that doesn’t sell, will be stored until I return and re-open my studio in April of 2012, so prices are firm.  All proceeds from the sale of these looms funds my one year, circumnavigation of the US on a bicycle. So, prices are firm. Thanks for visiting my blog.

We are still holding classes in weaving in the studio until March 25. Hope to see you in the fiber playhouse;0)




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