Looms for Sale in Richmond, VA and Weaving class!

2 02 2011

There are still looms available, as the studio prepares to close for a year. AND, if the thing that has prevented you from buying the one you want is available $, I now accept credit cards through Paypal. Unfortunately, I don’t ship or store the looms, but they must be picked up by March 28. None will be held without payment, but you can pay for them, and then pick them up in March if you need to.

Still available are the Baby Mac ($1200), the 16-harness Macomber 48″ ($4500.00), the Leclerc Artisat 45″, 4 harness($1500 with bench), the Lillstina 4 harness 45″  ($800), the Leclerc Tissart Tapestry loom 45″($800).

Hope this helps someone get a loom!

There are also still openings in the weaving class for Feb. Class begins on Friday morning, 2/4 at 9:30 am. We meet until noon. A session is 4 consecutive Fridays. There are 2 sessions left before I close the studio, and each session is $150.

Join us:*)






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4 01 2012
Diane E. Luciano

Read all your review but was wondering how do you feel about the Glimakra Emile RH loom? Never mentioned in your reviews. I am a new weaver and so confused about the best loom, size, etc. I would most likely start out with scarves and placemats Thanks for your help. -Diane

4 01 2012

I’ve not woven on one, so I can’t review it.
Glimakra makes wonderful products, though, and I would love to review one of the Emilia’s, as well as the Susanna. Things that look like they would apeal to me are:
Cranks on the beams
Ratchet and pawl are on the outside of the loom frame (this prevents warp separator from interfering with the locking mechanism
Stand is available
Comes in 19″ width
Love the fact that Glimakra is daring enough to LOWER the prices!

The information I found doesn’t mention a built-in warping board, which I love about the Kromski looms. This means you have to have a warping peg. The Glimakra page doesn’t mention it, but the Emilia does come with one, as well as a couple of clamps, to clamp to the table during warping, a threading/sleying hook, and a stick shuttle, as well as the instruction booklet.
If you check out the Emilia on Amazon.com, you will find this information. Hopefully, the good folks at Glimakra will put this info on their website.
Joyful weaving

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