Rigid Heddle Weaving Workshop – Jan 21, 2012

22 12 2011

OK, after several responses expressing interest in the Rigid Heddle Weaving workshop, I’ve decided to set a date for the workshop as January 21, 2012. In the class, you will learn to measure your warp, thread your heddle, wind on your warp, tie it on, and weave off a simple piece of handwoven cloth, perhaps in the form of a scarf, or placemats.

If you have your own loom, bring it and you will learn to use your own loom. If not, you can use one of mine. I have several brands, so you can see how the various looms compare, and hopefully weave on the type of loom that you are considering.

We will meet from 9 am – 4 pm. It’s  a Saturday. I’ll provide lunch. If you are vegan, please be kind enough to bring something suitable for your lunch, as I’m clueless when it comes to vegetarian and vegan needs.

I’ll provide the materials for the day’s project, and encourage you to work with them, as they are geared to a project that we can complete in class. That’s necessary, because you need to learn to tie off your work, and remove it from the loom in addition to weaving!

If you would like to register for the class, please send me a note, telling me what class you want to register for, in addition to the class fee. YOu can do that throus the US mail, or through Paypal. The only credit card ability I have is through Paypal. I’m happy to send you an invoice, if you like.

Class fee for the 7 hour class is: $100.00   January 21, 2012                9 am – 4 pm              Materials and lunch provided

Max class size is 4 students.                    Hope to see you in the studio!

There are times during the class, that you are doing repetitive activities. You may find it enjoyable to bring your mp3 player, if you have one.





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