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This is a blog about The fiber adventures of Cherri Hankins, and her students. And I am Cherri.  My studio is in Buckeye, WV. After weaving, felt-making and spinning for 20+ years in the Richmond, VA area, I’ve moved.  I have been weaving for 23 years, and teaching fiber arts for 22 years.  I have exhibited in fiber art shows across the US and internationally. I no longer travel to sell my work at art shows, but rather have settled in to sell my work on a commission basis, and locally.

2010 presented me with the first opportunity for my first solo exhibit. “Unsighted” was first exhibited at The Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen. It is an exhibit of fiber arts intended to be experienced using the sense of “touch”.

In my years as an artist, I’ve had the opportunity to teach at many art centers, which include:

The Visual Art Center of Richmond (Formerly The Hand Workshop Art Center)

The Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen

Bay School – A Community Art Center (AKA Bay School of the Arts)

The Arts in Orange

The Staunton Augusta Arts Center

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

I teach weaving, spinning, felting, sewing, embroidery, kumihimo and tie-dye.

If you want to reach me, you can reach me at:




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2 01 2011
2010 in review « River City Weaves

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17 03 2016

Hi Cherri,

I came across your blog a few minutes ago. I read your loom reviews (which I found extremely helpful!), and decided to reach out to you to ask if you can help me pick my first loom. There are so many choices!

I used a loom for the first time last week. A friend of mine has an Ashford knitter’s loom, I tried it and I really liked it. So being a knitter (with a lot of yarn) I think weaving is going to be great fun. Now, how do I pick my first loom? Can you help me?

Here are some considerations:

I want some sort of rigid heddle loom (Not a floor loom or a table loom)
Portability is not at the top of my list (I assume the loom will stay home, I don’t need to carry it anywhere)
Width, I think, should be one that is manageable but gives me room to grow
Warping space is not an issue so I can do the traditional (peg) warping. This is the method my friend showed me)
When it comes to looks, I like the Ashford, the Schacht and the Kromski (purely subjective, based on looks alone)
I like the Ashford rigid heddle loom also, but it is unfinished. If I but this loom, do I “need to” finish it? Can it be used unfinished?
I plan to buy the corresponding stand for whatever loom I buy

Which brand would you recommend? And how wide? Would 32 be too wide? Would 20 or 24 be OK? What will be good balance between ‘novice’ and ‘give me room to grow’?

Which one is the best quality? (in term of durability and its parts not getting worn out too quickly?)

Thanks in advance for reading my questions. I hope you can reply and help me make a decision. I would really appreciate it!!!!


17 03 2016

Paula, I’m so glad you asked. Buy that 32″ Ashford and never look back!
I have 2 Ashford’s with stands and love them both. They are my personal looms. I like to warp with a warping board or mill, and The Ashfords are comfortable to use, lovely, well thought out and I don’t like folding looms to be honest. I don’t need them to be compact now that I’m not traveling and teaching (trying to get 10 looms in a little Hyundai Accent).
Honestly, you will never look back.

18 03 2016

Thank you for your reply!!! Which one 32”, the knitters loom or rigid heddle?
Thanks again!! 🙂

18 03 2016

Rigid heddle for sure!

18 03 2016

Ok- I checked a website that sells looms and the knitters loom comes in 28”, so I assume you mean the “rigid heddle”, am I right? 🙂 if so, does the wood need to be finished? I have no idea how to do this!

18 03 2016

It doesn’t need a thing!

18 03 2016


22 05 2016
Ashley Murphy

Hi! My mom, who lives in West Point, is selling some looms, spinning wheels, and miscellaneous pieces. Is there a way I can send the flyers to show the pictures, descriptions, and prices? Also, could you recommend any other outlets to help her advertise and sell these pieces? My email is aej0115@gmail.com. My mom’s name is Anne Joyner and her contact is 252-531-2505. Thank you in advance for your help and time!

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