Studio closing- temporarily

2 11 2010

Word does seem to have gotten out. Yes, the studio is closing, but the plan is to close from 3/31/2011 and re-open on 4/1/2012. I’m taking a year to cycle 15,000 miles or so around the U.S. including Alaska, and can’t keep the studio open during that time. It’s been so much fun acquiring my equipment, that I want to do it all again upon my return, so what I have is or will be for sale.

The studio needs to continue to pay for itself until the lease is up  at the end of March, so people are viewing, and making deposits on their equipment or buying it and leaving it until the end of  March.

Equipment for sale is as follows (date it can be removed from the studio is in parenthesis):

Leclerc Tissart upright tapestry loom with 2 harnesses                       (immediate removal is available)

Leclerc Artisat 45″ floor loom   – 4 harness                                              (March 25)

Macomber 16 shaft, 48″ loom with 2 sectional beams + much more   (Immediate removal is available)

Macomber 22″    8 shaft loom (baby mac)                                                (Immediate removal)

Harrisville 45″    4 harness floor loom                                                        (March 25)

8 harness Leclerc Compact 24                                                                     (March 25)

Leclerc Penelope, table top tapestry loom                                                  (November 8)

Kromski Fiddle                                                                                                 (November 8)

Beka rigid heddle loom 20″                                                                            (November 8)

Leclerc Bergere                                                                                                 (November 8)

Schacht 4 harness table loom without reed                                               (November 8)

Assorted rigid heddle looms                                                                         (November 8)

Lillstina 4 harness canti-lever loom                2500 texsolve heddles   (Immediately)

Freestanding horizontal warping mill or reel                                             (Immediately)

hand crank bobbin winder                                                                            (immediately)

wooden swift                                                                                                    (immediately)

Strauch drum carder – petite                                                                         (immediately)


Residential Arts Centers and Spinning

25 04 2008

This is just a plug for my out of state classes. I have a fun week coming up in Farmington, PA at Touchstone Center for Crafts. Here is a link to the website:
If you think spinning looks peaceful, and want to jump in and find out for yourself, please join us in this class. We will explore wool, learn to draft it, spin it and ply it. Oh, did I mention that we will also dye some of it! Spinning wheels are provided and no experience is necessary! Just come with a desire to learn and an openess to enjoy one another in this class.

It’s time for you to finally get away, and send yourself to Summer Camp;0)
We will thoroughly enjoy the solitude of this wonderful, creative retreat.
If you have questions, please e-mail me at
Looking forward to hearing from you.

First class at the new studio in Glen Allen

26 03 2007

Well, Sunday was fun. We had a small start for the new class at Glen Allen. One person is weaving double weave. Another is just beginning a rag runner for her bay window, and the third is warping a tapestry loom. We had several folks drop in, and are looking forward to a couple more people joining us in a week or two.
Please let me know if you are interested.

Mental Meanderings and much catching up

24 02 2007

Gosh, there is so much to mention since last I wrote.
First, let me fill you in on my son. He finished boot camp on time. He is now a marine. Right now, he is doing more training where they prepare him for peace keeping missions. After that, he may go somewhere else for training, and he might go to off to do the job he has trained for. May God protect him.

Next, I am moving entirely off the old mediablog, which is now The comics were just too crude for me, and the tone of the site just doesn’t reflect my own philosophy, or sense of humor. You can find me here now. I hat to leave the old entries unarchived, but don’t know how to bring them over. It’s like throwing away mementos of our past.

And….I have now opened another teaching studio. I wasn’t able to obtain another studio at Roseneath, but have struck a bargain with someone for space in Glen Allen, Virginia. As a result, weaving and spinning classes are offered through that studio now, as well as through the Roseneath studio. It became necessary because my Roseneath students all bought their own looms, and wanted to continue our affiliation as student/teacher, but on their own loom. So their looms are in my studio and I have my looms at Glen Allen for new students. It is my hope to get a more permanent location in Glen Allen within the next year, and I will be able to take-on students wishing to bring looms with them in that area also.

The weaving and spinning classes in Glen Allen are currently being held on Sunday afternoons from 1:30 – 4:00. Weaving and spinning are taught at the same time, but Weaving classes start one week before Spinning. This gives my weaving/spinning students the opportunity to get to know each other, and potentially find someone that they would like to pair up with for handspun/handwoven projects, or sheep-to-shawls. I currently have several looms which are not committed, and can register you for a weaving class beginning in March. If you are interested, please call the cultural arts center at Glen Allen, or visit them on the web at

We have a lot of fun and are very oriented toward building a sense of community around our interest in the fiber arts. Additionally, I will be teaching felting and dyeing workshops. Please e-mail me for more information.