Quilt top assembled

19 03 2013

I finished assembling the quilt top. Here is is: DSC_0084

I’m thinking that I probably still want some border around the entire quilt, instead of just binding it. I’ve also begun to wonder if I might want prairie points. No matter what the circumstances, I do intend to have it at the longarm quilter by the end of the week. It’s currently 80″X110″. That’s another reason I want to add the border. I’m hoping to get the width up to …… 90 or even 100″.

I like the “piano keys” striped border here: http://pamcave.blogspot.com/2009/05/african-wedding-quilt.html

I think It would be nice to have the quilt come down over the sides of the bed, without having the blocks hanging down, out of site. Just a thought. More later.

Studio closing- temporarily

2 11 2010

Word does seem to have gotten out. Yes, the studio is closing, but the plan is to close from 3/31/2011 and re-open on 4/1/2012. I’m taking a year to cycle 15,000 miles or so around the U.S. including Alaska, and can’t keep the studio open during that time. It’s been so much fun acquiring my equipment, that I want to do it all again upon my return, so what I have is or will be for sale.

The studio needs to continue to pay for itself until the lease is up  at the end of March, so people are viewing, and making deposits on their equipment or buying it and leaving it until the end of  March.

Equipment for sale is as follows (date it can be removed from the studio is in parenthesis):

Leclerc Tissart upright tapestry loom with 2 harnesses                       (immediate removal is available)

Leclerc Artisat 45″ floor loom   – 4 harness                                              (March 25)

Macomber 16 shaft, 48″ loom with 2 sectional beams + much more   (Immediate removal is available)

Macomber 22″    8 shaft loom (baby mac)                                                (Immediate removal)

Harrisville 45″    4 harness floor loom                                                        (March 25)

8 harness Leclerc Compact 24                                                                     (March 25)

Leclerc Penelope, table top tapestry loom                                                  (November 8)

Kromski Fiddle                                                                                                 (November 8)

Beka rigid heddle loom 20″                                                                            (November 8)

Leclerc Bergere                                                                                                 (November 8)

Schacht 4 harness table loom without reed                                               (November 8)

Assorted rigid heddle looms                                                                         (November 8)

Lillstina 4 harness canti-lever loom                2500 texsolve heddles   (Immediately)

Freestanding horizontal warping mill or reel                                             (Immediately)

hand crank bobbin winder                                                                            (immediately)

wooden swift                                                                                                    (immediately)

Strauch drum carder – petite                                                                         (immediately)

Returning to the Studio – Wed. 10/28/09

25 10 2009

Ahhh, we are almost home! We have been on the road since last Sunday at the crack of daylight, traveling to Grand Canyon with all kinds of fun stops along our journey. We found ourselves ‘Standing on a Corner on Winslow, Arizona” just yesterday, gettin’ our kicks on Route 66 the same day! We visited the Grand Canyon, the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, toured the Celestial Seasonings plant, and Schacht Spindle and Loom Company in Boulder, and much more.  It has been an awesome trip. We traveled 700+ miles today, and will do the same tomorrow, finishing our trip on Tues…. a day early….. with a little over 600 miles (WHEW!).  Total miles have not been calculated, but it looks like 4000+ miles for the 8 days.

Don’t ask me how few I drove;0)

I’m looking forward to being back in the studio with you all on Wed. and then Thurs and with the folks in the Learn to Weave in a Weekend class on Sat. and Sunday. I still have an opening in the weaving class this weekend, and a couple of spaces in the Wed. night weaving classes beginning in Nov. Hope you will join us in my weaving and fiber arts studio in Richmond, VA.


tapestry off the loom

25 08 2009

UGH, I finally got my tapestry off the loom.  It’s been a lot of fun, but man, that’s killer!

Here is a low quality pic of it.0825091747a


24 07 2008

I failed to post a picture of Margaret’s beautiful fine linen warp the other day, so there are several pics of Margaret’s piece here, as well as everyone elses at Roseneath, and I’ll post a second gallery of the kids work.

Sorry I duplicated the pics. I don’t know how to delete just some of them.

Learn to Weave in a Weekend Results

29 06 2008

As I try to learn WordPress, I am humbled by my own naivete. I have uploaded the pictures from the Learn to Weave in a Weekend class to my Flickr account (maidensweaver), and have done the administrative stuff for flickr to share them, but am to brain tired to figure out the rest tonight.
I’ll upload a few pics here, and my impression at the end of the class….just for you. Then, if you want to see the rest of the pics, you can check out flickr, until I rest, and educate myself.
We began Friday night with 2.5 hours of class. The students received a vocab list, a syllabus and a tour of the building. We talked about each student’s expectations for the class, and their goals regarding weaving in general. One lady owns a loom.
Once I knew their needs, I could determine my role in this. We planned their projects, determining epi, warp length, etc and made a guide string. The lady with a loom has a warping board, so she learned on our board, instead of using the warping mills. Then we tied the warp with choke ties, and ties that preserve the cross, inserted lea sticks, and ties the lea sticks to the loom. That ended Friday for most of us. One student began winding on, and she threaded the heddles completely on Friday night.
Saturday, we had 6 hours, so those who weren’t threading heddles began. So on Sat, we threaded heddles, and sleyed the reed until about 2 pm, then we began weaving.
The students wove, under my supervision until 4pm, and then the days class was over, and I had to leave. They used the remaining hour that the art center was open for open studio time.
Sunday, they finished weaving off their pieces, and some hem-stitched, others ties fringes, etc.
One student made a 8″ change in her weaving right in the center. That meant that as she approached the end of her weaving she came up short. Not wanting to disappoint, I attempted to help her get min. waste by extending the back apron rod so it came to within an inch of the heddles, and we removed her reed from the beater. Well, it worked. We had to have another student lifting and really pushing down certain harnesses, but the student was able to achieve a balance of the symmetery of her piece. I learned there is such a thing as zero-waste weaving!
You will see this in the flickr photos.
Here you will see a tapestry wall hanging in rag and yarn, a tapestry rag rug, and 2 basic, plain weave rag rugs. I enjoyed these students. They were very focused and positive to work with.
Thanks for a fun weekend.

Learn to Weave in a Weekend

28 06 2008

OH, what a fun class. I have 4 students with enthusiasm and a very positive attitude.
This group of students has flown through the process of dressing the loom, and are now inserting weft to weave off their projects. One is doing a rag rug, and two of the others are doing rag runners while the 4th is doing a wall hanging incorporating rag, charged yarn, balanced yarn, and other inclusions. I also had a make-up class today with the student I would be neglecting tomorrow due to being in the WiaW class.
She is making unbelievable progress. On day one, she almost completely dressed her loom. She came in during lunch this week, and completed threading heddles, and today (lesson 2), she sleyed the reed, tied onto the front of the loom, inserted header, and began weaving. She is doing a fairly simple rag piece using t-shirts.
I am truly blessed to be their teacher. Life is Grand.
Check out the pics. Don’t forget that I will be using WordPress to parallel this blog until I know whether I like it, then I will be (sniff) shutting this one down for the other.
My username at wordpress is Rivercityweaving
Bye for now, and I look forward to hearing from you.