Weaving lessons

2 12 2012

I’m able to offer weaving lessons at Schuyler, VA, Buckeye, WV and Goochland, VA now. Whether you are interested in learning to weave tapestry, or rigid heddle, or floor loom I can teach you. Cost is $50/hr. Last weekend, I taught a wet-felting workshop. It was a private workshop, so I didn’t advertise. We did wall-hangings. We had a great time. Two weeks prior to that, I taught a spinning workshop. Some of these I teach through the Virginia Museum’s Partners in the Arts program. I’ll be looking for opportunities like that in West Virginia. If you are interested in lessons, or booking a private workshop for you and some friends, just shoot me an e-mail. Private lessons are $50/hr, but workshops are priced on a per person basis. I do gift certificates, so you can book a workshop and give gift certificates to up to 3 friends and we can felt or spin together (for a total of 4 participants). 

Currently, I’m working on 4 commissions for the same client. 2 ladies scarves, a man’s scarf and a 4th scarf that is a bit like an ascot. All are handspun chiengora and all will be hand-woven as well. I’ve worked for this client before. She has 2 beautiful collies that are therapy dogs. I love spinning their fiber and they are such sweeties, too. 

My workspace in Goochland is my home; in Schuyler, I have a free-standing studio at the house, and in West Virginia there is a separate studio also. Right now, we are looking for a good heat source for the free-standing studios. Until we get the heat sources worked out, I’m teaching inside the house at each location. 

One last item that keeps me busy (too busy to blog lately, anyway) is that I am an artist-in-residence in the Richmond Public Schools. This year, I have two schools that I work with and my target age group is 4th grade. I’m loving JEB Stuart and the principal, Mrs. Moore is the most supportive principal I’ve met. She has booked every single class to come and spend time with me, the visiting artist. Awesome!  I am felting, spinning and weaving with the 4th graders. They are a loquacious group and i adore them. 

For now, that’s all. I’ll try to post pics very soon.



Learn to Spin Yarn from the Spinning Wheel

13 12 2011

I’m organizing a spinning class for January 2012. It will be a beginners spinning class. If you are looking for a spinning class, or workshop, please let me know what date/s work for you. A series of 4 classes over a month is best for most students, as you benefit most from at-home work between lessons. Cost for a 4 class series is $140.00 and will provide 10 hours of instruction, if you attend all classes. Make-up classes are not free-of-cost. If you miss a class, you may purchase a 1 hour make-up lesson for $40.00.

Students interested should contact me so we can organize the class on a date that will work for you!

Spinning wheels are available for rent to students who do not have their own. REntal fee: $50/month.  Spinning wheels are only rented to current students and only during the dates of their class session.  Students may bring their own fiber, or pay materials fee for fiber to be used in class.

Returning to Richmond and am available for lessons!

17 10 2011

I’m heading back to Richmond today, but won’t arrive until tomorrow night. Upon my return, there are a couple of commissions waiting, and a couple of weaving students. I am available for private lessons, but you need to have your own loom, or be willing to work on a table-top/tapestry or rigid heddle loom for the beginning, as I’ve rented the other looms out for now.

I’m also available for spinning lessons. Spinning wheels are available for your use in the spinning classes. Private lessons are $40/hr. and I try to accomodate your schedule, but don’t offer private lessons on weekends.  If you have 3 or more people interested in a workshop, however, we can usually find an available weekend for a 6 hour workshop.

The commissions are for a chiengora tapestry, that I’ve been working on for a year. Tapestries take me a while. And a chiengora throw from a beautiful collie. Both commissions are both handspun and hand-woven.

Looking forward to working with you in the studio, which is now located at my home in Goochland.

Wet-felting workshop was wonderful

12 12 2010

Yesterday was the latest wet-felting workshop. It was privately booked, with the understanding that I would guarantee the class , but if additional students were interested, I could register 2 others.  We held the class with 2. Although there were numerous inquiries about the class, everyone wanted to know when the “next” one is. The answer is generally the same….. whenever you book one, and then I will advertise to add to it. I book my classes based on demand.  If a student is available, and wants to book for 2  people, I’ll guarantee the class, and attempt to increase registration.That way, when the weekend is reserved on my calendar, I definitely have a class, and you are guaranteed a class, rather than receiving a cancellation at the last minute.

Anyway, here are some pics of the class. We had fun, and the hats were precious. We made hats, and embellishments.

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Now that’s progress

23 12 2008

Just thought I’d update you on what’s going on in the studio.

I’m posting pics of Susan’s multiple slub twill scarves, Jody’s simultaneously woven scarves, Amy’s double-weave baby blanket, Brit’s new warp, and my struggle with the 8 harness pinwheel.

Here is a series of pics of Susan’s lime green scarf, pink scarf, and burgundy scarf. There is yet another on the loom tonight(unless she has finished it already.) Susan is a very quick weaver.  She put a long warp on, and spend the majority of time making sure to do it right, wove 2-3 scarves, then used that as a dummy warp, and wove 4 more scarves on that alpaca silk warp.  She was weaving a scarf a day on lunch break, and after work.  And her work is excellent work done in fine threads.

Then, Jody is still working on the simultaneous scarf project. She is weaving 2 at once and it’s been a lesson for everyone that doing 2 at once doesn’t mean working twice as fast. It’s a laborious process, but the scarves are lovely.

Then Amy’s very dense warp will be a double-woven baby blanket.  She counted heddles at the beginning, but still had to add 12 heddles.  It does pay to count very carefully.  hpim40041

Brit is measureing out a red chenille scarf here, and should finish tieing it onto the dummy warp next week, and weave it off.  She has had a very productive session. hpim39911I’m working on this horrible 8 shaft pinwheel, and using a wordless Color and Weave book.  I wish I had threaded it 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 in each color and alternated, rather than 1,2,3,4 and alternate.  Well, there is plenty of warp there for me to weave one in this, and one in the other, ad infinitum.  I have not transferred the super clips for the baby mac, so I’m having to tie it up with shoe lace. After buying a hundred nylon zip ties, tying all the treadles up, and finding that they don’t work, I’ve cut them off, am redoing the shoelace, and will ultimately try texsolve tie up  on this, as I really don’t like the clips I have for this Mac. Love the Mac, just have difficulty with popping the clips off the lamms.  One nice thing about this loom is that it’s small enough to be put up on the countertop and work on the tie-up at eye level.  hpim40051

If there is more I was going to say, I’ve forgotten it in my sleep deprived stupor. I’ve gotta go to bed.

I miss my friend who is in Spain!  Hi to her and her hubby. Hope you are having a blast (I know you are cause you two are so wonderful together).

G’night for now.