Honestly, my favorite rigid heddle loom is……

29 12 2011

If you’ve read the rigid heddle loom review, you may have used it to help you find the right loom for you, based on your criteria. If your criteria is cost alone, you bought the Beka, If you are specifically interested in using your rigid heddle loom for tapestry, hopefully, you got the Penelope. If you are traveling, and want a compact loom, you probably got the flip, or the Kromski folding loom. Whatever your specific criteria or expectations are from the loom, the review offered some guidance.

Through the years that I’ve had product reviews up, people have drawn from the reviews their own conclusions as to what my preferences were. So, tonight, I’m going to tell you what I choose to weave on, and why. For tapestry that I will take with me,  I like a rigid heddle loom, and use the Penelope II. It doesn’t have the ability to use the rigid heddle as a beater, and that’s fine with me. It limits the loom in it’s use for continuous, pattern weaving, but it’s just right for me for tapestry. I can warp it with a nice long warp also. Because I use an upright tapestry floor loom, the upright feature of the Penelope is a natural choice.

Of the horizontal, rigid heddle looms, I choose the Ashfords. I have two of them. One is narrow and one is wider. Both have stands. I may even have 3, couldn’t tell you for sure, tonight. I like the heft of the loom in my hands,  like the stand for the Ashford, and I like the colored rigid heddle. The thing I don’t love about it, is the dumb plastic things that connect the warp rod and the warp beam, as well as the front “apron” rod and the cloth beam. Oh well, nothing is perfect, and I often choose favorites that aren’t the most popular looms or items on other people’s list. There you have it;0D

This isn’t to say that these are the best looms. They are the looms that harmonize with my weaving self. A natural “fit” with my weaving quietude. Though I weave professionally, I’m not a production weaver. My work is on a commission basis, because I prefer the peace of weaving in conjunction with my natural rhythms, rather than working on a pushed schedule. Unfortunately, I am most inspired to work by a looming deadline.  My commissions are generally woven on floor looms, but I’ve sold pieces off the rigid heddle loom for respectable money. Don’t undersell yourself, because you are then underselling all weavers and all handcraftsmen.

What’s your favorite loom, and why?  You can respond by e-mail, or in the comments section. I really want to know, and think other folks do too.

Weave joyfully.



Studio closing- temporarily

2 11 2010

Word does seem to have gotten out. Yes, the studio is closing, but the plan is to close from 3/31/2011 and re-open on 4/1/2012. I’m taking a year to cycle 15,000 miles or so around the U.S. including Alaska, and can’t keep the studio open during that time. It’s been so much fun acquiring my equipment, that I want to do it all again upon my return, so what I have is or will be for sale.

The studio needs to continue to pay for itself until the lease is up  at the end of March, so people are viewing, and making deposits on their equipment or buying it and leaving it until the end of  March.

Equipment for sale is as follows (date it can be removed from the studio is in parenthesis):

Leclerc Tissart upright tapestry loom with 2 harnesses                       (immediate removal is available)

Leclerc Artisat 45″ floor loom   – 4 harness                                              (March 25)

Macomber 16 shaft, 48″ loom with 2 sectional beams + much more   (Immediate removal is available)

Macomber 22″    8 shaft loom (baby mac)                                                (Immediate removal)

Harrisville 45″    4 harness floor loom                                                        (March 25)

8 harness Leclerc Compact 24                                                                     (March 25)

Leclerc Penelope, table top tapestry loom                                                  (November 8)

Kromski Fiddle                                                                                                 (November 8)

Beka rigid heddle loom 20″                                                                            (November 8)

Leclerc Bergere                                                                                                 (November 8)

Schacht 4 harness table loom without reed                                               (November 8)

Assorted rigid heddle looms                                                                         (November 8)

Lillstina 4 harness canti-lever loom                2500 texsolve heddles   (Immediately)

Freestanding horizontal warping mill or reel                                             (Immediately)

hand crank bobbin winder                                                                            (immediately)

wooden swift                                                                                                    (immediately)

Strauch drum carder – petite                                                                         (immediately)

Now that’s progress

23 12 2008

Just thought I’d update you on what’s going on in the studio.

I’m posting pics of Susan’s multiple slub twill scarves, Jody’s simultaneously woven scarves, Amy’s double-weave baby blanket, Brit’s new warp, and my struggle with the 8 harness pinwheel.

Here is a series of pics of Susan’s lime green scarf, pink scarf, and burgundy scarf. There is yet another on the loom tonight(unless she has finished it already.) Susan is a very quick weaver.  She put a long warp on, and spend the majority of time making sure to do it right, wove 2-3 scarves, then used that as a dummy warp, and wove 4 more scarves on that alpaca silk warp.  She was weaving a scarf a day on lunch break, and after work.  And her work is excellent work done in fine threads.

Then, Jody is still working on the simultaneous scarf project. She is weaving 2 at once and it’s been a lesson for everyone that doing 2 at once doesn’t mean working twice as fast. It’s a laborious process, but the scarves are lovely.

Then Amy’s very dense warp will be a double-woven baby blanket.  She counted heddles at the beginning, but still had to add 12 heddles.  It does pay to count very carefully.  hpim40041

Brit is measureing out a red chenille scarf here, and should finish tieing it onto the dummy warp next week, and weave it off.  She has had a very productive session. hpim39911I’m working on this horrible 8 shaft pinwheel, and using a wordless Color and Weave book.  I wish I had threaded it 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 in each color and alternated, rather than 1,2,3,4 and alternate.  Well, there is plenty of warp there for me to weave one in this, and one in the other, ad infinitum.  I have not transferred the super clips for the baby mac, so I’m having to tie it up with shoe lace. After buying a hundred nylon zip ties, tying all the treadles up, and finding that they don’t work, I’ve cut them off, am redoing the shoelace, and will ultimately try texsolve tie up  on this, as I really don’t like the clips I have for this Mac. Love the Mac, just have difficulty with popping the clips off the lamms.  One nice thing about this loom is that it’s small enough to be put up on the countertop and work on the tie-up at eye level.  hpim40051

If there is more I was going to say, I’ve forgotten it in my sleep deprived stupor. I’ve gotta go to bed.

I miss my friend who is in Spain!  Hi to her and her hubby. Hope you are having a blast (I know you are cause you two are so wonderful together).

G’night for now.