What are we covering in the spinning classes?

3 06 2008

I got a request about what we will be doing in the week-long spinning classes in Brookfield, Conn. and Farmington, PA. First, let me say that Brookfield is an hour from Manhattan, so if you are planning on taking that class, you should plan on making an evening ‘run’ into the city one or two nights, and Farmington, which is near Pittsburg, is very rural, and it is a residential craft center, so we will have a wonderful bonding experience.
Day 1: We will begin drafting, and learn the mechanics of spinning, we will dye some wool for use later in the week, and we will do some hand carding. Students will spin a bobbin or two of singles.
Day 2: We will learn to ply our singles together, and navajo ply, we will continue our dyeing. Students will learn to clean wool, and set twist. Student should produce a couple of skeins of yarn today
Day 3: We will use the drum carder, and will do some blending on the drum. We will learn to use inclusions in our spinning, and will produce a skein or two of yarn. Some students will continue to navajo ply.
Day 4: We will learn to use combs, continue drum carding, and spinning. Students will learn to spin boucle, and will spin a skein or two of boucle yarn, unless they are still having sooo much fun navajo plying that they are committed to just that.
Day 5: Students desiring to drop spindle will learn that, others will ‘blend in the draft’, spin from the lock, and dye yarns.

Hope that helps. The class is great for beginners, as well as intermediate spinners.
Please e-mail me with questions.




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