Beautiful handwoven by a middle-schooler

29 04 2010

As I walked into the art center on Tues, I was struck by a magnificent piece of weaving in the window. Hmmm? I wonder who wove that. When I got into the classroom to teach my middle school after class, I saw that it was the piece that one of my middle schoolers had woven. She had pulled it off the cloth beam, and left it draped over the loom, awaiting instructions to remove it from the loom. These kids are making purses, bags, and drawstring backpacks. Hers will be a drawstring backpack.

Here is what I saw:

And here is a better picture of the piece.

As these pieces are completed, I’ll try to remember to post them. The kids are doing a great job.

Spinning workshop pictures

26 04 2010

The spinning workshop pictures arrived last night. Marilyn took them, and the only ones I have are ones with me in them. Sorry.

I’m posting them anyway, so you can see how much fun the participants shown, are having.

Buy equipment, help a fellow weaver

26 04 2010

This is information that was sent to me. Rather than forward it, I though it might be helpful to just put it here. Hope you find something you want, and I hope you help this fellow weaver. The information is word for word (not my words), so if you need more information, please contact Sue Mansfield at:

A fellow weaver “who lives in Washington, NC, suffered a stroke recently.  Her family has decided to sell her looms;  a 36″ Schacht Mighty Wolf (4 s) with high castle, bench and Wolf Trap, raddle, 3 reeds (6, 8, 10 dent), 4 cone stand for warping, Harris Designs warping board, Mattson bobbin winder and bobbins, Schacht 11″ boat shuttles, rug shuttles, pick up sticks   Current value over $2500 for group; make offer.

16″ Schacht table loom (4 s) with stand and one reed,shuttles, pickup sticks.  Current value $736; make offer.

She also has books and yarn including Pendleton selvedges.   Extra 20.5″ 6 dent reed

Schacht Inkle loom– $75 and small inkle loom from Goodwoods-$54.

I have photos; everything is in excellent or good condition.  Book list attached; the Weaving Book by Helene Bress is sold and the Inkle book will go with the loom I believe.  Collingwood’s book on Rug Techniques is in excellent condition.

Please share this information with others.  The package of loom with the rest of the equipment is a great deal for a beginner.  Pick up looms, pay for shipping on other items.”

She also has the following books:


weaving silk shawl – raw silk

16 04 2010

Currently, I’m working on a 4 harness (probably) silk shawl.

Here is the warp, on the warping mill, and the weft, on the cone.

More later.


upright 2 harness tapestry loom for sale in VA

2 04 2010


Works great.

Rug felting class at Bay School of the Arts

1 04 2010

This is my own piece. The Bay school sent me the photos of our workshop last weekend.  Check them out.

Here are the rest of the very nice rugs, and their creators.