pics of the loom assembled

30 08 2008

I have assembled the new Toika tapestry loom.  It was surprisingly easy.  Not only is it together, I have half the heddles threaded.  Have a look around at the studio also.  It’s beautiful, and we have openings from time to time.  Notice my Macomber, and how it opens up to accomodate the weaver, as he/she dresses the loom.

Pics of the Toika

29 08 2008

I haven’t gotten it put together yet, but here are pics of the Toika before disassembled.  It is sitting in the Roseneath studio right now, waiting for me to attend to it.  I already am very pleased with it.


Pics of my toika tapestry loom

Pics of my toika tapestry loom

My new Toika Tapestry loom

28 08 2008

OH, I’m giddy with delight over my new loom.  It’s an older Toika Tapestry loom.  It’s an upright tapestry loom with pedal-lift harnesses.  I just picked it up in Raleigh, and am staying here for 24 hours… agonizing 24 hours, as I won’t be able to assemble my loom until I get home, and then into Richmond, to unload it at the studio.  Curses!!!

What will be more fun……1 the anticipation?……..2 the assembly?……..3 the experience of weaving on it?………4 owning this beautiful finnish loom?

Stay tuned for pics in a day or two.

Oh, the real purpose for being here, of course, is college visitation with my kids.  It’s going great.  Looks like one of them is very interested in Wake Forest.  Of course, Chapel Hill was awesome also.  Tomorrow, we visit NC state.



48″ counterbalance loom for sale

27 08 2008

A friend has a 48″ HD (i think) counter balance loom for sale.  She has painted the heddle frames in primary colors, to make it easier to discern which harness each heddle is on.  The loom in in Goochland, VA.

My schedule is still swamped, but will become freer on Sat. at which time, I need to finish a chiengora commission that I have started.  Will post more later.


Possible opening at Roseneath

26 08 2008

We have a potential opening in the Wed. night class at Roseneath studio.  We meet from 6:30 – 9:00 pm.  I help students plan projects that are at their current level, striving always to stretch their abilities so they are constantly growing as weavers.  If you are interested, contact me, and I will let you know if the opening is definite.


More students than looms, More students than space

24 08 2008

Today, once everyone arrived at the studio, I realized that we had more students than looms.  The weaving program is growing so wonderfully, that I don’t have enough looms to accomodate everyone that wants to be a part.  If I had more looms(which I do at home), I couldn’t accomodate another loom in the space that we have.

We have worked out the situation and everyone has a loom next week, as Amy N. is finishing up this week, and will be vacating the loom she is on.  It’s so very good to have Nancy back.  This group has acquired a friendly, very homey feel for me, and I welcome each one of you.  Liz is weaving a log cabin rag t-shirt rug, Amy is setting up the loom for a set of rugs for gifts, Jody is working on placemats and a runner.  Nancy is working on Christmas gifts, and I’m working on not removing that warp until I have woven every inch.  (Often, I dress a loom, and then the studio gets full, and no sooner than the warp is ready to weave, and I have to remove my own work so another student has the loom.).

It is my dream to have a Fiber Art Center in Richmond.  We will have sewing classes, crochet and knitting clutches and classes, weaving, spinning and felting as well as a gallery for fiber art.  I have had this dream for a few years, and this is the first time I have put voice to it.  Watch it happen.  Pray with me for it to become a reality.

When I was a younger woman, it was difficult to get time for myself because of my responsibilities as Mom.  I always thought it would be a great idea to have a creative center for women. Not all women choose the same cargo to carry in life, not all women choose the same path to walk, but many, many women need to express themselves, and by the nature of life, or by God’s design, that seems to often interplay with fiber and fabric.  So what better way to help women relieve the stresses of contemporary life, than to create a center where they can work out their stress in a creative interplay with fiber.

EEkkk, did I just tell you…..

Friday Class- intermediate spinning – Charlottesville

22 08 2008

Oh, I made a mistake on the Spinning class being in Glen Allen.  It’s in Charlottesville.

I also have pics of the final products of the intermediate weaving class.  It was my final youth summer class.  I thoroughly enjoy the kids in the summer. They energize me, and inspire me.  I never remember being as fearless.  Some of these kids come in and never fear making a mistake.  Others are already adults.  They are worried about making mistakes, and don’t break into new territory because of their fear.  Of the fearless ones, there are those who never actually care that they have made a mistake and don’t fix it, hence learning less than others; and there are those who embrace the opportunity to not only fix their own mistakes, but to try to come up with the how to fix it themselves.  They are analytical thinkers, who are very able to jump right in! How I would love to be fearless;0)

more on the intermediate weaving

21 08 2008

I have a couple really remarkable weavers this week in the intermediate class.  One of them is returning for the 4th or 5th weaving class with me, and is really a remarkable student.  She dressed the loom today with a 240 thread warp in about 2.5 hours.  That’s what I do it in!  Then another student, who is only taking her 2nd weaving class  has woven 2 or 3 perfect rugs, and is now working on an inlay “tapestry” that is excellent.  My other returning student has woven 2 beautiful rugs and has dressed the loom with a 2nd warp this week, and will be weaving rag fabric to make a messenger bag.  Great job!

My new student has a great sense of color, and has really picked up on how to weave.  She dressed the loom for the 2nd time this week, and will be weaving off a quick scarf tomorrow.  She wove a rug…..a perfectly stunning rug, and a shorter piece that she will probably make a drawstring bag out of.

I’m honored to teach you all;0)

It looks like I will be teaching a spinning class at the Glen Allen studio on Fridays in Sept.  I don’t yet know if the students are looking for a daytime class, or evening.  Either way, I will probably offer to do the class in Goochland if they would like something closer to home.  GG.

Take Care, and oh yes, here are some pics of the girls and their work today.


Pics of the rag rugs at Visarts

20 08 2008

Here are photos of the wonderful work being produced by my intermediate students at Visarts (the visual arts center of richmond).

I’m too tired to post a lot of info about these beautiful pieces, but the kids you see with this work, are the ARTISTS who made them!  No Kiddin’.  These students absolutely stretch my limites.  Every time I think I’ve got a really cool project for them, they absolutely devour it, and then 3 or 4 more.  And all with very good craftsmanship.  I’m so inspired by my young students that I hope I never quit teaching them.

color palette for a rag rug

19 08 2008

Ok. last post tonight.  I fell in love with a couple fabrics at Hancock today and wanted to weave a rag rug (not my usual weaving project, but….).  I have two of those yellow ochre bathrooms.  You know they look like someone spewed tumeric all over the place.  Well, this precious little ecru fabric with green fir trees, and yellow ochre flowers just jumped out at me ans screamed, “buy me!!! Buy me!!! Hey you!  BUY ME FOR YOUR STUPID…YELLOW…BATHROOMS!!!

So, ever obedient to the voices in my head, or on the fabric, I bought a few yards of it.  Here are the colors I bought.  The  toile is a bit loud, but, the voices were loud;0)  Oh well.  No body will see my bathroom, and I will love it.  Also, It’s a real waker-upper.  What do you think of the palette?  I think more of the red, and fir, with less of the toile.